Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art & Spirituality Discussion Facilitator Synopsis

Art & Spirituality Discussion Facilitator Synopsis

During the presentation on May 3rd, Gina and I presented the Art & Spirituality chapter. We discussed the Art & Today chapter as well as outside artists that concern this same theme. The presentation reflected the chapter’s information concerning artist’s that reflect these characteristics. Specifically we focused on artists with religious affiliations, as well as ‘faith’ based art and contemporary artworks that have developed controversy within the last 15 years.

I believe that Gina and I presented in information well and developed discussion that was beneficial to the classes understanding of the subject matter. The questions and responses we developed were very direct. I believe it followed the guidelines however coming from a process rather than product background, I believe our first presentation, Art & Representation was much more productive because the interaction with the materials helped guide the theme. This presentation was much more lecture based and discussion based. I do believe that we included too many slides and artists and if I did it again I would remove a number of artists and focus more on a fewer but specific artists and information, rather than an overall.

I enjoyed this chapter more than the others because of my passion for spirituality and personal faith. This is a great chapter to discuss because every person has a personal belief and it is their right to voice it or not.

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