Saturday, February 13, 2010

Notes from RIP! A Remix Manifesto

Im listening to as we speak living no money and listening to a commerical every 6 songs. I think this model works in my favor because I can turn the sound to mute until the commerical is over and listen to any artist that pops into my head. I love this very simple technology but is this considered privacy?


All Points West experience, elaborately dressed people moving around to remixes

Mashups computer is an instrument

Day job samples biogical data

Moves your body to pop culture

Society of fast pace, over stimulated images and sounds, constant

Girl Talk takes these sounds and clips and blends them

Creative process more important then the product

Intellectual property

Copy right vs. copyleft (free exchange of ideas, to protect the culture of the future)

Removing of the control

Culture and Inspiration make new art, the old inspires the new weether for the better or the worst

Muddy Waters

Is seeing a color in the world and recreating it in a painting, copyright infringment to nature?

Happy Birthday is owned by Warner Chappell

Copyrighting genes

Napster-peer to peer music sharing network

Lars Ulrich & Chuck D

18 months of the largest library ever for free

Jake Black Be Kind Rewind, 2008

Lawrence Lessig- copyright lawyer & wrote the Remix manifesto

Stanford University

Fair Use-small amount of copyrighted materials to create an argument

Coms274, animated version

Billy Faithful “Darth Blues”

“Imagine with George Bush”

Walt Disney

Updated the past to be relivent of the modern times

Was a mash up artist

Alice in Wonderland

Snow White


Steam Boat Willie

Dan O’Neill, Air Pirates- Mouse Liberation Front

Mickey Mouse

Baile Funk in Brazil

Open SOruce Cinema is currently of line

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