Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reaction to Sputnik by Thomas Friedman

I have always like Friedman’s work. I first read, “The World is Flat” while studying aboard in Italy. I took a Globalization & Its Consequences while I was there, taught by a Italian professor with a knack for stirring things up. The news is always focused on the lack of international US involvement in things not American. As Friedman is discussing Taiwan and China, this is new to me. I consider myself aware of the what’s going on in the world and this is the first I’ve heard of peace between China & Taiwan.

During the current times in our society, people are starting to take more responsibility for their actions, and the rest of the world is doing it before us. Friedman is always questioning the United States role in the world and where we will be going, that’s how he makes his living. His opinion is valid, but I want to know is does the United States need to stay the top dog. Great Britain, Italy, Rome, Greece all was once world super power’s and their empires collapsed more than once. However these countries are continuing to flourish with time and focus on sustaining themselves rather than the world.

Change is good; it’s apart of life. If we fight change we will implode on ourselves and many fell its already happening. If United States citizens continue to eat, drink, fuck, and listen to everything on the radio, TV, and internet we will be a nation of obese, sick, stupid people. I truly believe that the average citizen is losing what the meaning of virtue is because it is to close in comparison to an institution-religion. Virtue keeps us in check. Without humility, compassion, justice, hope, charity, and courage you forget that we are connected to each other in an intricate web of society.

I’m not saying that everyone should sign up for a membership to church but step outside of your living room with your laptop, TV, fresh groceries, heat, and big comfy coach do something for the community. I tell myself that even know because guess what, that’s what I’m doing.

Our society regards religion as an imaginary secondary resource for making the individual better. But what about the institutions we are replacing it with, corporate businesses focused on consumption. My teacher in Italy introduced this idea to me in Fall 2005, 4 years before the recession. The United States has outsourced everything willingly to China and India and now we complain that we are losing power. WAKE UP and smell the irony!

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