Sunday, January 31, 2010

Notes of Week 1 Art & Today

Art & Today Introduction

· Alfred H. Barr Jr.-First Director at the MOMA

o “The narrative of modern art as both exhaustive and generative-before it expired, a prevailing style would beget not just one, but various other styles” pg 7

· Q: Is Barr purposing there is a specific formula to the life & death of an art movement?

· Clement Greenberg-art critic-responsible for Abstract Expressionism & Pollock’s success

· Arthur Danto-art critic

o Thought art becoming popular again in the 1980’s was artificial to its original meaning

· “Artists demanded freedom of expression, and they found radical ways to test the limits of all definitions of art.

· Does the diversity of the art world hinder itself from creating a concrete art movement?

· Response to Lyotard-Is abandoning the idea of a universal ideal for art really going to make stronger connections between artists in these post-modernism times?

· Definition of post-modernism is as vague as it can get

o Many definitions create confusion to its identity

· What exactly is the ‘master narrative’?

· What chapters I like:

o Art & Representation-strong narrative qualities that a viewer can identify with

o Art & Nature and Technology-anxieties of being aware of your role as a human in this globalized worlds with your effect to on the nature

o Art & Spirituality-The soul’s bond to expression is a continued deep connection for the artist, Drama makes people aware- Connection to my past and present

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