Sunday, January 31, 2010

October 130 Notes

October 130- Questionnaire on the Contemporary

· Is removing the so-called mold of artistic expression, removing its connection to other artists?

· Are there benefits to this apparent lightness of being?

· How contemporary can contemporary art be since time is continuously question what is new?

· What’s with the comment about the curators at the bottom all about?

· I think it is hard for me to create meaningful art because I cannot connect to the contemporary art world. My creative ambitions seem more self-reflective than actually creating art.

October 130-Okwui Enwezor

· Schadenfreude- is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others

· Why is it that speculative value vs. artistic quality always comes in to question? Is the value of the work worth any less if it is if there is no soul in it?

· Value vs. Price

· The end of the excessive art market/ End of belief of globalization as a means of understanding the art market

o Good- Opens the public to more artists

o Good- Doors will be opened to artists that are

o Bad- Shock will be a continue way of getting attention since there is so many artists, quality will be lost

o What sells? Sex & violence

· Altermodern-Bourriaud is not merely a supplement to modernity but a new condition

· Altermodern artists produce links between signs faraway from each other, explores the past and the present to create original paths. Pg 34

o Is art and culture no longer on the linear line of time but rather a web of time, place, & influences?

· Are we all contemporaries in this new model of contemporary art?

· A history of hybridization rather than universalism pg 36

· Chief Claim of Altermodern: to discover the current habitations of contemporary practice, which Bourriaud believes to be scatters and off-shore based

· Allows for the breakdown of cultural and locational hierarchies

o What Signifance does contemporary art institutions have is this new way of thinking is established?

· Era of globalization, art no longer is its own cultural dimension, It is intertwined in the fabric of society across place and time

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  1. If you don't know it, you should check out Alan Kirby's digimodernism.