Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Radicant First & Last Notes

The Radicant Nicolas Bourriaud Preface & Introduction Pg.1-11

· Walter Benjamin & Georges Bastille

· Magicans of the Earth

· “For the end of US-Soviet bipolarity came the end of history” pg 11 Francis Fukuyama-philospher

· Post-hisotry is a hollow concept, post-modern simply marks period after modernism

· Animal humanism

· Is globalization killing cultural identity?

· Thomas McEvilley-“History is nothing but ”a single line moving forward across the page of time, with the vast ahistroical blank spaces of nature and undeveloped world around it”

· Experimentation & Modern, being modern means daring to seize the kairos

· Kairos-venturing, to clear new paths

· Nietzsche “There are no facts, only interpreatations”pg.16

· Artist have the responsibility and privelge to link the worldwide culture

· Diversity is now a cherished value, not a old wooden ship

· Radicant-designating a organism that gros its roots and addes new ones as it advances

The Radicant Nicolas Bourriaud Pg. 177-188

Post-Post, or Altermodern Times

· Oil Explosion as an archetype to the American dream

o Word Associations

o Explosion

o Masculine, splurge, random and organized

o Driven, Excess, danger, wealth, pillaging the earth

o Iconography of this reflected in Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein’s work

· “Everything an artist spits out is art” said Kurt Schwitters

· If everyone has the capacity to be an artist, then everything is art.

· Anarchy is the true form of modern art, without labels, organized classification, randomness prevails

· Postmodern ideology is born in the wake of energy crisis, 1973 oil crisis

· Finite amount of resources available, space has shrunk creates a subconscious idea of infinite possibilities to creative minds

Why are art critics so concerned with defining link of the future of art and globalization rather than what is here and now?

Alter modern Wikipedia definition

Alter modern, a compound word defined by Nicolas Bourriaud, is an attempt at branding art made in today's global context as a reaction against standardization and commercialism.

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