Sunday, April 18, 2010

Art & Deformation

This chapter made me view the human body in a vice; uncomfortable, cold, and full of emotional bondage into pain. It is powerful painful and makes you think about your own body.

Diane Arbus

Photograph by Diane Arbus, “Jayne Mansfield Cimber-Ottaviano, actress, with her daughter, Jayne Marie,” 1965. Copyright Estate of Diane Arbus, 1965. Esquire Collection, Spencer Museum of Art, the University of Kansas .

A Young man at Home on West 20th Street, NYC 1966

John Currin

John Currin, “Jaunty und Mame” (1997)

There is nothing politically correct here. His representation of women isn't so clear-cut and depicts a bizarre and very American world of ageing divorcees, 70s pin-ups and cliché gay couples. Currin wants viewers to feel uncomfortable and enjoy it.

Louise Bourgeois

Arch of Hysteria, Bronze with silver nitrate patina 83.8 x 101.5 x 58.4 cm

National Gallery of Canada

Marina Abramovic

Performance Artist that explores her body in public, upsetting social codes, and to adopt strategies that destroy myths about what is female, the body, its representation and identity.

Lips of Thomas, 1973/1994

I only used the one image which presents the strongest moment of the performance itself, and can therefore stand on its own as a photograph… . The audience can, by reading the text description, and by looking at one single photograph, imagine the rest in their minds. -– Marina Abramovic



I slowly eat 1 kilo of honey with a silver spoon.

I slowly drink 1 liter of red wine out of a crystal glass.

I break the glass with my right hand.

I cut a five pointed star on my stomach with a razor blade.

I violently whip myself until I no longer feel any pain.

I lay down on a cross made of ice blocks.

The heat of a suspended space heater pointed at my stomach
Causes the cut star to bleed.

The rest of my body begins to freeze

I remain on the ice cross for 30 minutes until the audience interrupts the piece by removing the ice blocks from underneath.

Duration: 2 hours 1975
Krinzinger Gallery

R Krumb

The very fact... Pizzeria Sauve Nov. 22, '04 2004 Ink, correction fluid on paper

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