Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Bio Art Example (Inspired & named by Eduardo Kac)
Brandon Ballengee, DFA 19, Io
Scanner Photograph of Cleared and Stained Multi-limbed Pacific Tree frog from Aptos, California in Scientific Collaboration with Dr. Stanley K. Sessions. MALAMP titles in collaboration with the poet KuyDelair.
Courtesy the Artist and Archibald Arts, NYC
Private collection, London

Along my adventures into the art world I have come across a number of arts I am really impressed with, particularly because they use garbage, E-waste, recycable materials to make socially conscious artwork. I feel I relate most to this community because of the message behind it.

Wow I sound like a Treehugger but I have transformed into one. Speaking of which check out for alot of news, images, DIY projects, artists, and everything aware of the environment and human impact

Ha Schult

Also check out this Amazing photographer Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson taking photos this weekend of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. NY times

Artist Tom Every, known as Dr. Evermor, not only built a sculpture out of recycled materials but an entire park. The above photo, entitled Forevertron, is actually the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. This amazing recycled art is constructed from scraps that are up to 100 years old and include historic components like a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission.
Every spent over 10 years collecting the different pieces of scrap metal. In 1983 he began building Forevertron, the park also includes other recycled art displays including gigantic insects and a bird symphony. Forevertron itself stands 50 feet tall, 120 feet wide, 60 feet deep and weighs 320 tons. It is truly an amazing sight to see. The park is located in Wisconsin off Highway 12 in North Freedom, Baraboo, near Devil’s Lake.

A suspended shade pavilion made out of 945 discarded oil cans, Jugaad was named for an Indian term that refers to “attaining any objective with the available resources at hand.”


One of the best tools in fighting global warming is creative thinking. Change your commute by carpooling or taking public transportation. Make your coffee at home and drink it in a travel mug. Reuse water bottles. Reuse cloth bags for grocery shopping. The more we reuse, the less waste there will be. Start thinking creatively about solutions and make the effort to effect the change. Over 500 pounds of metal scrap were collected to embrace the earth in a cocoon of steel to prove the point that ones man’s trash could truly be the world’s treasure…

Title: One Man’s Trash…Don’t Waste—Instead Create!

Artist: Mitch Levin

Chris Jordan
Year of the Tiger, 2010

Depicts 3200 toy tigers, equal to the estimated number of tigers remaining on Earth. The space in the middle would hold 40,000 of these tigers, equal to the global tiger population in 1970.

24-ft. long Trash-o-saurus Meet Trash-o-saurus, a 24-foot-long dinosaur made from a ton of trash -- which is how much trash an average person throws away in a year. Visitors can walk through a giant compost pile, see compost worms in action, and watch from a sky box as recyclables are dumped, sorted, and crushed.

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