Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art & Today /Narrative

Art 21: Story Reaction

Kara Walker at the San Paulo Bienal
Illusion of past events and not know but actually a blend of sterotypes from the old south and racial tensions of now
Story telling like Gone with the Wind
Dilemna of drama of the story and the heroine
The silhouette helps with the illude the image to the viewer
Walker’s childhood in racial south directly effected her views of architypes and her art
The story is our record

Camptown Ladies, May 2006, Black Paper

Kiki Smith
Character can have a life outside of one version
Full Caste-Death Mask of the generation
Kiki Smith Untitled 2002 (Courtesy the artist and PaceWildenstein, New York Photo: Sarah Harper Gifford)

Do Hu Suh
Traveler, his story of traveling to get out of the shadow of his father
Issues of longing
Suitcase of House
Personal space
Individual and the Collective-Repetition of Figures
Recognize amonymous everyday life
Korean life and him growing up
Floor, 1997-2000

Trenton Doyle Hancock
Panel by panel words exploding
The story on the same image
Mounds, half human/half plant a story
Visions & Imaginations create his stories, takes on a life of their own

Mound #5 shows his inside story (+ The legend is in trouble, lrgr; 2 works)
Mixed Media

David Salle

Lanterns, 2002

Mark Tansey

The Innocent Eye Test 1981, 78 x 120 in.

"In Tansey's painted metaphor for the perception of art, we are the cow,
and the scientists want to know how and what we see --- hardly the
stuff of Frank Stella's famous dictum "What you see is what you see."

From Judi Freeman Mark Tansey

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